Useful Information

Before you can begin your first driving lesson with us you will need to obtain a provisional driving license which you can apply for up to 3 months before the legal driving age of 17 years old. To submit an application you will need to pay £50 by MasterCard, Electron, Maestro, Visa or Delta debit or credit card, provide the addresses of where you have lived for the last 3 years, a passport photo and finally provide proof of identity such as a UK Passport.

You can apply for you license online Here Or by post by filling out a D1 application and these can be acquired through the DVLA form ordering service or from your local post office.

If you have any relevant medical conditions that will affect your ability to drive you will also need to fill out the medical report form DLM1. Again, these are available from your local Post Office, the DVLA form ordering service and online. Your DLM1 form will need to be completed by your GP in order to answer all the medical questions, and they will usually charge a fee for completing the form.

The DVLA will send your new driving license to you within three weeks of receiving your submission but may take longer if your health details have to be reviewed. Your license will be made up of two parts; a plastic photocard and a paper counterpart. The photocard shows your photo, signature and class of motor vehicle you are permitted to drive. The paper counterpart shows added information, such as any driving offences and penalty points you have obtained. It is necessary to keep both parts together when taking your theory and practical test, so make sure you keep them in a safe place!

Once you have received your provisional driving license and you have reached your 17 birthday, you will be free to book your theory test which needs to be passed before you can take your practical test. You can book your theory test online and will need a debit or credit card in order to pay the £31 fee.

Theory test

The theory test is made up on two parts; a multiple choice and a hazard perception and you need to pass both of these parts in order to pass the theory test. The multiple choice part should last for approximately 57 minutes and a mark of 43 out of 50 needs to be achieved in order to pass. In order to prepare for the multiple choice questions you will find that there are many books to help you revise with the Highway Code being the most relevant. After completing the multiple choices, you can then move onto the hazard perception which is made up of a series of 14 video clips on your computer. These will consist of everyday scenarios that contain a minimum of one “developing hazard” [a developing hazard is an object or scenario that leads to you taking action, such as braking, slowing down or changing speed or direction]. Each time you see a developing hazard, you will have to “click” your mouse on the computer screen to show that you have acknowledged it. The earlier you notice it and click your mouse, the higher you will score. However, if you click continuously or in some form of pattern you will not achieve a score for that particular video click. A mark of 44 out of 75 needs to be achieved in order to pass. When you pass your theory test, you will receive a pass certificate which will be valid for 2 years.

Once you have passed your theory test and have had a sufficient amount of driving lessons, you will be able to take your practical test. There’s no minimum number of driving lessons required to take the test, however our patient instructors will do their up most to ensure that you will be confident and capable of passing your test and driving on the road in a safe and proficient manner. During the test you will be tested on your driving ability, your eyesight checks and your 2 vehicle safety checks (Show me tell me).

Practical test

The eyesight test consists of reading a number plate from 20 meters away. The vehicle safety test is also knows as a “show me, tell me” test; you will be asked by the examiner to show them how you’d do a vehicle safety check, followed by telling the examiner how you’d carry out a safety check. You will be then examined on your driving ability; this driving part of the test will last approximately 40 minutes. You will be given directions to follow, and will be asked to drive in various road and traffic conditions. Our driving instructor will go through the various abilities that you will need to pass your practical test and help you achieve and apply them to a test standard in a confident manner.