Learner Drivers may soon be able practice on the Motorways.

Learner drivers on the Motorway

The government have issued a proposal, for consultation with the industry, the government are proposing to allow  learner drivers to  gain experience on motorways prior to taking their practical driving test.

Here at Go 2 Pass driving school we think this is great news. Motorway driving was only allowed once you had passed your practical test and we encouraged this by offering the pass plus driving course, some of our learner drivers did take up the course manly due to needing to drive on motorways for work etc, however, due to it not being mandatory many pupils did not see the benefit to this.

With the current proposal there is an opportunity now for learner drivers with the help of driving schools to drive on the motorway and allow training prior to taking their practical driving test. Many people think that learner drivers are more likely to want to learn to drive on the motorway  if it was built into a course of driving lessons which we at Go 2 Pass driving school and all our driving instructors intend to offer this to all our learner drivers.

Some of the benefits to learning to drive on the motorway include:

  • Learning to control you car at a higher speed
  • Entering and exiting slip roads at a higher speed
  • Learning to over take/ change lanes at a higher speed
  • using effective and all round observations at a more advance level.

Training offered on the motorway should be with a fully qualified instructor, they have far better experience than a trainee driving instructor or friends and family. The driving school car will need to have L plates and should ideally be clearly signed so that other roads users can identify it has a learner car. Roof boxes should not be used on the motorway, due to the high speed of the car the headboard could fly off causing dangers for other cars.

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