Choosing between a Male or Female driving instructor

  Should I choose a Male or Female driving instructor?


You may have just received your provisional license and are eager to get started on your journey to becoming a full license holder. Like many learner drivers you may be asking should I opt for a Male or female driving instructor?

Reasons for choosing a Male or Female driving instructors

Many learner drivers feel more comfortable learning with a female instructor, especially other females, we also have male pupils wanting female driving instructors at times. This is mainly because they are nervous about driving a car and find taking to the roads a daunting task. When we ask pupils why they wanted a female driving instructor the main reason given is because they are female, they are seen as being naturally more patient, but it’s also worth noting that many male driving instructors possess this skill, these traits are not specific to only female driving instructors!

On the other hand, we have found some leaner drivers wanting to learn with a male driving instructor only, the common reason for this being when asked was, male driving instructors get straight to the point when teaching, therefore, they think they will learn more and pass their driving test quicker. This again is not a trait only male driving instructors have female driving instructors have this too. 

Other reason for choosing a male or female driving instructor

Cultural beliefs and religious reasons also play a part when some of our learners choose male or driving instructors. In some religions and cultures females can’t be alone with a male who is not a relative and this applies to males too, they have to choose a male driving instructor. Some women for personal reasons may feel uncomfortable around men, or in particular, in close proximity to men – which of course you will be when learning to drive, for this reason you will feel more comfortable and it would be better opting specifically for a female driving instructor.

False assumptions and stereotypes

There are lots of false myths and I’m sure you will have heard many. For example Male drivers are better than women, therefore male driving instructors are better at teaching. This is not true. Research has shown Male drivers are 6 times more likely to be banned from driving after passing their driving test than females are.

Finding the right driving instructor.

Driving instructors if trained properly will tailor their teaching methods to the individual learner drivers needs – at the end of the day, everyone is different. Some pupils learn driving quicker than others – some like being pushed and eager to learn more quickly and want to just get on with it, They have confidence in their own ability others are more nervous and want to take things a little slower, or need more time to practise to prefect their driving skills. They need lots of encouragement. A good driving instructor irrespective of them being male or female will know how to adapt their driving lessons and teach you in a way that will enable you to learn and improve your driving skills.

Finding the right driving instructor.

Regardless of whether a driving instructor has a great reputation around your area or whether they are male or female driving instructor, take an initial assessment lesson to establish you and your driving instructor have a good rapport. Some people naturally don’t articulate well with each other, that’s just life. Some teaching techniques that a driving instructor uses may work for most, but, it might not for you. Taking an assessment lesson will  help to save time and money, It will also make your driving lessons enjoyable and fun. The first driving lesson is of course a nervous time for most learner drivers try to stay calm as possible and try your best. In time, you’ll master the skills and become a confident full license holder.

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