How important is checking your Mirrors while driving?

Many pupils whilst learning to drive do not understand the importance of using their mirrors whilst  driving. I’m sure all driving instructors teach the the importance but I have found around 90 percent of my pupils either think its not that important or just forget to use them. In this article we are going to talk about the difference between the mirrors, their importance and when to use them.

Centre Mirror 

This mirror is your primary Mirror, It is made out of flat glass, this enables you to see the true distance of cars. This is the first mirror you need to check NOT your side mirror first. You need to check this mirror each time you see a hazard and well before you need to start braking. You  need to also check this before indicating and changing direction, be it turning left or right, or changing lanes.

Side Mirrors

The side mirrors of all cars are made out of convex glass ( slightly curved) The advantage to this is that it enables you to see further than you would in the centre mirror and the sides.The disadvantage is that the side mirrors will make things seem further away than they really are. This is why it is very IMPORTANT to use you mirrors in pairs and in the right order.

How to use them and when

As mentioned already, if you think you may need to slow down, start checking your centre mirror well in advance and ideally before braking.

If turning left or right you should check your CENTRE mirror first then check your SIDE mirror before indicating. Just before turning don’t for get to check your side mirror again, there could be a bike or a car about to pass you.

Changing lanes and overtaking.

Its is very important, that you check your mirrors in pairs and in the right order while changing lanes. So start with your centre mirror followed by the appropriate door mirror, indicate. if you can not see the cars in both mirrors, or if when checking the side mirror and the car to the side looks like its getting bigger, it is not safe to change lanes.


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