Practical Driving Test Advice

Driving Test Advice


Driving tests can be nerve racking, I remember the night before mine, I could not sleep. Try to stay as calm as possible, and try to get some sleep the night before. You want to be fresh and focused on the day of the driving test and have a clear mind to enable you to focus. Nerves are normal, best way to combat the nerves is to have a good driving instructor who will prepare you for the test properly, only book your driving test once your driving instructor thinks you are ready to take the practical driving test. Below are some tips to help you on the day:

Be on time

This should be an obvious one. but being on time will insure you are relaxed and put you in a good position, try arriving around 10 – 15 mins early. Arriving late could mean you missing the driving test entirely. Even if you arrive just on time, it can leave you flustered and nervous which is not an ideal situation before your driving test.

Have a driving lesson just before your driving test.

Here at Go 2 Pass driving school we always encourage our pupils to take an hours driving lesson, this insures you go over any weaknesses you may have and gives the pupil and the driving instructor to go over these. This will give you more confidence which in turn will help you pass the driving test.

Use a driving school and  your driving instructors car.

You may be tempted to take lessons privately with friends and family. as a driving school this is something we recommend, but having professional driving lessons from a qualified instructor will insure you are thought properly, therefore giving you a better chance at passing your driving test.

Make sure you know what documents are needed and where they are before the test day.

According to the DVSA thousands of diving tests don’t go ahead because the candidate fails to turn up with the correct documentation on the day. You will need your driving license on the day and make sure you bring your glasses if you need them.

Take your driving instructor with you.

Having your driving instructor with you on the day of your test can help calm your nerves. And if you were to fail, they are the to see what went wrong and can work on them before the next driving test.


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