Precautions to take when driving in hot weather

Hot weather driving






Tips you should use when driving in hot weather

Britain is currently in the domination of a sweltering heat wave, with temperatures just shy of 30c. Although cars are of course designed to operate at high temperatures, Implications and breakdowns are inevitable if your vehicle is not properly maintained, therefore it is essential to follow these tips in order to ensure the safety of you, your car, other drivers and of course your passengers

Your well being, and surrounding drivers

Extreme heat proves to be one of the deadliest weather conditions there is, killing approximately 600 people per year, so it is vital to take precautions to prevent any dangers.

Heat exhaustion and dehydration come as a result of excessive heat, which can be dangerous when driving, to prevent this turn on the air con to cool down you, and your car.

If dehydration and fatigue prove to be an issue, take a bottle of water with you in order to replenish and hydrate.

It is important to ensure that your vision is not impaired by the sunlight so that you’re able to see the road and prevent crashes. Invest in a pair of sunglasses to block out the suns rays and drive safely.

Maintaining your car:

-Coolant levels

Coolant circulates throughout your vehicle, preventing the car from overheating in hot weather. Low coolant levels can be very dangerous and can cause your engine to overheat, so it is important to always check the levels


Hot weather puts an added strain on the battery which can possibly cause the fluid within the battery to evaporate, which can potentially cause damage to the internal structure. It is of a great importance to get your battery checked by a professional technician to prevent future implications.


In hot weather, you must check that your tyres are inflated before driving. Under-inflated tires flex more, causing a build-up in heat. If conditions are already hot, under-inflated tires are even more likely to fail.

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