Tips and tricks to help you pass first time.

How to pass on your first attempt

When it comes to our practical driving test, an estimated 52% fail on the first attempt, mostly due to feelings of nervousness, causing people to make mistakes they wouldn’t normally do. Within this article, we will be addressing the techniques and tips in order to help you pass on your first attempt.

Do your research

Statistics show that men are most likely to pass on their first attempt than women. This is because men tend to be more knowledgeable on the subject of cars, therefore will have a natural aptitude for driving, and therefore will most likely their practical driving test on their first attempt. So if you want to become a better driver, we urge you to do more research on both driving and driving tests.

A great way to do this is by revisiting your theory test and also viewing our other articles on our blog

Find the most compatible instructor for you

By learning with an instructor you may not get along with will set you up with a negative attitude towards driving, and will often fill you with feelings of dread when it comes to your test. You should be able to understand what your instructor is teaching you, and they should make you feel safe and at ease when driving on the roads.

When learning to drive, you are able to learn the basics with a family member who is experienced in driving if it helps you.

Be confident and prepared

They say the best drivers pass on their second attempt because, during the first attempt, nerves often take over, so on the second attempt the person is often more confident and prepared since they have already gone through a test and have been denied before.

Nerves and doubt are often what makes people fail the most on their test, making them more susceptible to make mistakes on their test, so its best to be prepared and to adopt a confident attitude when it comes to your test

To help with confidence, you’re able to take test mocks online on the DVSA website to prepare you for your actual practical driving test.

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