Proposal for eye tests every 10 years

We may soon have to take compulsory eye tests every ten years for our driving.

drive safe charity GEM has issued a proposal for drivers to take compulsory eye tests every 10 years, as it is thought that over 3,000 deaths and serious injuries directly correlate with poor eyesight

As you know, in order to pass your practical driving test you must be able to read a car number plate 20 meters away, if you fail to do this your license will be revoked and you will fail your test, and the same will go ahead with the compulsory eye tests.

Ideally, the group would like to see eye checks every two years, especially from those over the age of 40.

Why are eye tests important when it comes to driving?

In order to drive safely, good eyesight is a must

Approximately 3,000 casualties are caused due to poor driving, costing the government £33 million per year within the UK

Within the year 2011, the DVLA revoked just under 6,000 licenses after failing to meet the minimum eyesight requirement.

Eyesight is shown to gradually decline over time, therefore it is key to get regular and thorough eye checks to ensure the safety of you and other drivers when on the road.

 For more information on eyesight rules when driving, check out the link below:

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